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CLOCK in/out live with GPS localization

Monitor your employee’s ins and outs live from the office

  • Live date and time display
  • Location detected using geolocalization
  • Choice of activity
  • Instant snapshot upon employee clock in/out (optional)
  • Clock in/out registered automatically to a cloud

MANAGE your environment from the office

Create, edit and delete sites, employees and activities

  • Enter forgotten entries manually
  • Add new users and send access by email
  • Add new sites with their geolocation and define their scope
  • List activities by site
  • Record maximum hours per employee per week
  • Record scheduled times per site, per shift

MONITOR project costs

Check dashboard and correct errors

  • Compare scheduled hours to actual hours per site and work shift
  • Avoid overtime
  • Enter forgotten entries manually
  • Generate the Payroll Activity Report

PAY per use

Pay only for your actual usage

  • Add and disable users
  • Pay only for active users
  • No basic charges
  • No cancellation fees
  • No installation fees

Digital and mobile features…


Live date and time display


Location detected using geolocalization


Detects work-related activity


Instant snapshot upon employee clock in/out


Instant display of activities in the head office


Administrative platform available on all devices


…Custom fit to your company!

Trial of
1 month
/users /month
1 to 25
/users /month
26 to 50
/users /month
51 to 100
/users /month
101 to 500
/users /month
More than 500
/users /month

*Monthly rate adjusted automatically to the number of active users. Applicable taxes not included.

Monthly Cost Calculator

Billable Users Monthly: 0
Cost for each billable user: $0
Monthly Cost: $0

You pay only

  • Your calculated cost according to actual use
  • 1 month totally free
  • No hidden fees
  • No basic charges
  • No cancellation fees
  • Installation and formation packages available
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